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The Meeting for Bulk Wine Professionals

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Wine Bulk Meeting Professionals


A commitment to the quality of bulk wine. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) was conceived out of the need for a meeting place for both buyers and sellers of bulk wine. This unique exhibition provides the world's principal buyers with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the excellent quality and variety of bulk wines. The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is aimed primarily at: - Wineries in the bulk wine market that are seeking new markets for export.   - The principal buyers of bulk wine worldwide.   - Wine brokers, dealers, business agents.
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held for the seventh consecutive year in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an important business centre which is very close to the vast majority of Europe’s capitals and whose international airport is one of the most popular in the world. It is here that in the space of just 48 hours we bring together the entire world of bulk wine in order to conduct business in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.   The World Bulk Wine Exhibition presents bulk wine professionals with the best possible opportunity to promote, improve transactions and market quality bulk wine.   The World Bulk Wine Exhibition provides a unique meeting place that includes:  

Exhibition area: the principal space, where exhibitors' stands will offer their high-quality bulk wines to the attending international buyers.


Silent Tasting Room: where buyers can taste bulk wine selected by the participating wineries. Each wine will bear an identifying label displaying the most relevant information.


Business area: space reserved for meetings that arise during the event.


Conference cycle: The WBWE also promotes reflection through scheduled presentations that, under the sponsorship of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), will share the participation of the world’s current leading experts who have the most to say about the industry.


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