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How Much Water Should i Drink

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drink Much water Should

Lets be very clear, as a health drink, there are no medical studies supporting the miracle weight loss claims of Noni juice. It is a simple marketing ploy to get consumers and dieters to pay a fortune for diluted Noni juice. if it is recommended to drink 100% pure fruit juice, the rule applies for Noni juice. Yet it is often sold at diluted % of less than 50% for exorbitant amounts of money. Noni juice, in a clean pure state is no different from other juices. As pure apple juice has different contributions of vitamins and minerals than Orange juice, Noni juice is the same. Do not expect miracles. If you want to have it, fine, it does have healthy properties as a normal healthy drink. But, if Noni juice a was a miracle health drink than the French Polynesians would all be multimillionaires driving BMWs, would be drinking 10 litres of Noni juice a day and live for 200 years, but they don't. Use a bit of common sense and stick to a healthy diet, even if it doesn't include Noni juice, you will save money, if not embarrassment in the long run and feel good about it.


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