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Do not become a victim of 'wine familiarity fatigue'

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Wine fatigue become Victim familiarity


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Do not become a victim of 'wine familiarity fatigue'

By Bennet Bodenstein

12 hrs ago


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Are you getting disappointed with the wine you are drinking?

Are you beginning to feel that your taste buds or nose is beginning to fail you?

Fear not, you are not alone and you could be a victim of “wine familiarity fatigue.”

Your body gets familiar with certain sensations, such as taste and aroma and begins to anticipate them.

If you have been drinking the same variety of wine by the same producer for some time you are probably the victim of wine familiarity fatigue.

It does happen, and more often than you think.

This affliction is easily remedied by simply changing the brand of wine that you have gotten all too familiar with or move off to a different choice.

As a remedy to this annoying problem, my suggestions are the wines of Frank Family Vineyards.

Frank Family wines are well made with the winemakers concentrating on depth of flavor, aroma and purity.

The Frank Family winemakers carefully monitor the grapes from the flowering of the vines to the picking, crushing and vinifying of the grapes so as to coax the best qualities possible out of the grapes they use.

Frank Family Vineyards 2016 Napa Valley Zinfandel ($38). This is a big, chewy, full-bodied Zinfandel that illustrates exactly what a dry red Zinfandel should be like. The dominant flavor is raspberry, and there is plenty of that. Surrounding the raspberry are the flavors of black cherry, plum, raspberry and black currents all of which carry though to a dynamite full flavored finish. There is also just the right amount of oak to add further interest and complexity along with a dignified amount of tannin, assuring that it can age well over the next few years. I found this wine to be one of the best Zinfandels of the 2016 vintage that I have tasted to date.

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