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Vine sales Grape vineyard Lakes

We have a limited selection of White and Red wine grape vine cuttings for sale.
     - Cuttings are $2.00 each.
     - Minimum order of $50.
     - Minimum 10 cuttings per variety
     - Confirm availability of vines by email
     - To avoid disappointment, Order in fall, for delivery in April/May.
     - Payable by Money Order or E-transfer
     - Orders confirmed on receipt of Money

Our site has approximately 150 frost free days, and
950-1000 c degree days growing, with winter lows of -18c to -25c
Our climatic zone is 5b/6a

Harvest Parameters (subject to location and seasonal fluctuations)
Very Early, approximately 80 days from flowering
Early, approximately 80-90 days from flowering
Early-Midseason, approximately 90-100 days from flowering
Midseason, approximately 100 days from flowering
Cold Hardiness and Disease Resistance are subjective.

White Wine Grapes                                                
L'Acadie Blanc  - Canadian Hybrid (V53621) (Ontario)
     Early, hardy -30c, good fungal resistance.
     Excellent wine styles similar to Sauvignon Blanc.
Evangeline - Canadian Hybrid (KW96-2) (Nova Scotia)            
     Very Early, hardy -30c+, moderate fungal resistance
     Muscat aroma and tropical fruit, cross of Seigerrebe
     and St. Pepin.
Ravat 34 - French/American Hybrid (Chardonnay cross)   
     Midseason, hardy -27c, great fungal resistance
     Chardonnay like in flavour
Seyval Blanc - French/American Hybrid                   
     Midseason, hardy -23c, moderate fungal resistance
     Excellent wine and juice chemistry, big crops.
Vandal Cliche - Canadian Hybrid (Quebec)
     Early-Mid, hardy -35c, moderate fungal resistance
     Good base wine, needs ML fermentation, huge crop
Sovereign Ruby - Canadian Hybrid (British Columbia) 
     Early, Small clusters, some muscat flavour and
     fungal resistance. Expected hardiness of -25c
Seigerrebe - Vinifera
     Very Early, hardy to -20c, little fungal resistance
     Very good fruity muscat wine, drops acid quickly.

Red Wine Grapes
Triomphe D'Alsace - French/American Hybrid                 
     Early, hardy -27c, good fungal resistance
     Inky dark, fruity, several styles of wine.
Lucy Kuhlman - French/American Hybrid                 
     Early-V. Early, hardy -27c, good fungal resistance
     Dark red, fruity, sibling of Marchal Foch
Marechal Foch - French/American Hybrid                
     Early-mid, hardy -30c+, fungal resistant
     Very good red wine - widely grown red in B.C.
Castel 19637 - French/American Hybrid
     Early-mid, hardy -27c, fungal resistant
     Excellent wine, tanic, fruity, versatile, big crops.
Leon Millot - French/American Hybrid
     Early, hardy -27c, good fungal resistance
     Excellent wine, sibling of Marechal Foch.
Marerchal Joffre - French/American Hybrid         
     Very early, hardy -27c, good fungal resistance
     Good wine, various styles, sibling of Foch & Millot
Colmar Precoce Noir - French/American Hybrid
     Early-V. Early, hardy -27, good fungal resistance
     Good wine, sibling of Triompe D'Alsace
Pinot Noir (clone 115) - European Vinifera
     Midseason, hardy -20c, low fungal resistance
     Classic world class Pinot Noir wine.
Marquette - American Hybrid
     early, hardy -35, good fungal resistance
     very good pinot noir-like wine.
Regent - European Vinifera (Germany)                  
     Mid season, hardy -20c, good fungal resistance
     Excellent wine reminiscent of Merlot.
St. Croix - Hybrid widely grown in Quebec          
     Early-mid, hardy -30c+, good fungal resistance
     Good red wine, great rose' wine even at 16 brix.
Zweigelt - European Vinifera                                 
     Midseason, hardy -20c, low-med disease resistance
     Great wine, big crops.

Arrow Lakes Wine Grape Combo: Leon Millot and Ravat 34 both are disease resistant, cold hardy and have proven themselves at our site. This combination gives you a red wine grape and white wine grape.  Each can be made into a varietal wine in two or more styles and they blend nicely for a rose/blush - see link.


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