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Ruchik Randhap (Delicious Cooking): Grape Wine

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Wine Grape Delicious cooking Ruchik

My relationship with Wine has been minimal. It was never made in my home as my mom never ventured out to make any kind of preserved foods/beverages (which require a great deal of time & patience) as she had her hands full taking care of the young and old besides running a house & a plant nursery and a couple of pets thrown in for good measure. My maternal grandma has always dabbled with making pickles, jams, preserves, wines and what not beside making all kinds of seasonal eats such as Patholis (rice cakes sweetened with jaggery & coconut & steamed in Teak leaves of Turmeric leaves), Pathrades, Gariyos etc. This particular recipe belongs to her which she lovingly gave me last year, six months before she had a fall & an injury. Not sure if she can make it any time soon to taste some of my wine, but nevertheless this post is especially dedicated for my dearest Nana.


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