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Laugh can prolong you life, but excessive laughter can kill you immediately, this is the reason

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News24xx.com - Experts say that laughter can prolong a person's life, but it can also shorten a person’s life. The reason is, not only excessive sadness can lead to death, in fact a happy heart, for example by laughing excessively can lead to death as well.

This was revealed by observations of a Greek philosopher named Chrysippus, who killed by the effects of excessive laughter. He laughed out loud when he saw his donkey was given wine to get drunk.

About the effect of excessive laughter can lead to death, Dr. Martin Samuels as a professor of neurology, at Harvard Medical School, said, "The effects of extreme feelings, whether sad and crying and happy and laughing, basically can activate parts of the brain that can affect to breathing, and ultimately can lead to death" Reporting from Lifestyle, October 7th 2018.

Now, when you laugh, your brain will release the adrenaline chemical hormone which, if too much can actually poison the heart. Emotional conditions are so strong, whether negative or positive emotions, the consequences will endanger your heart's health. For cases of excessive laughter, this can cause the rhythm of your heart to become abnormal, which can be deadly.

He explained other health adverse effects due to excessive laughter, including:

1. Pneumothorax

In people with asthma, laughter can trigger an asthma attack that will cause fainting. In addition, the effect of excessive laughter can even cause preneumoraks, which is the accumulation of air in the pleural wall which can trigger lung deflation. If you experience this, you may collapse or faint on the spot.

2. Cause cataplexy

Cataplexy is a rare condition related to narcolepsy. Cataplexy can appear when you laugh out loud or excessively, then the muscles in your face will loosen up so that you will immediately weaken and even faint. And what's worse is that your jaw can be dislocated by muscle relaxation when you laugh.

3. Inviting aneurysms in the brain

One of the harmful effects caused if you laugh without control is the emergence of a brain aneurysm without you knowing it. Why is that? Aneurysms occur due to dilation of the arteries that will occur when our brain and respiratory system are unable to control the adrenal hormones from the effects of our laughter. In the usual case, the aneurysm will rupture due to pressure on the brain's skull when laughing

4. You can get a hernia

Who would have thought the effects of excessive laughter could cause a hernia During laughter, your stomach will cause muscle contraction and will cause pressure on the abdominal wall to be stronger. As a result, the intestine will also have an effect of being depressed and prominent on the lower part of the stomach. This is what is called a hernia.

Even though many people can still live well with hernia, but you are having a hard time laughing. Because at the time of laughter, the possibility of complications will occur, and can result in death due to lack of blood supply to the intestine.



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