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Thailand has exceeded expectations for kiwifruit and grapes

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Alastair Hulbert, CEO, T&G Global
"Thailand has exceeded expectations for kiwifruit and grapes"

With an enormous Asian market just around the corner and great demand for various products, companies in New Zealand have a luxury position. T&G Global is strengthening its position in Asian countries. The company has enjoyed a 20-year plus relationship with Asia including Japan and Singapore. More recently that relationship has extended to other south-eastern markets including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.

The New Zealand-headquartered T&G Global looks back on a good year. At the start of last year, an agreement was signed with Zespri about marketing kiwifruit to a number of Asian markets, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. The company is on course to reach its objective of having a 1.3-billion-euro turnover in 2022. Recently the company, which celebrates its 120th year in business in 2017, closed the books of 2016 with a growth of 67 percent in profit after tax.

Alastair Hulbert, CEO of T&G Global.

Jazz in Asia
Besides the cooperation agreement with Zespri, T&G opened offices in Thailand and China to be closer to its customers. The end of 2016 also saw T&G,mesotheliomafuli

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