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Liquor shops to be closed on banks of Narmada river

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liquor Narmada Shops River Closed

Liquor shops to be closed on banks of Narmada river

Hoshangabad : Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that capital punishment should be given to those who are destroying dignity of daughters. Amendment in the Constitution should be made if needed. Describing the addiction as reason of destruction, he said that intensive drive will be run by the state government and society for de-addiction.

Liquor shops would be closed on the banks of Narmada. The Chief Minister was addressing Jan-Sanvad programme today in Hoshangabad in Narmada Seva Yatra. Religious heads were present on Sethani Ghat to bless Narmada Seva Yatra. Chief Minister Chouhan announced that cave of Adi Shankaracharya located in Omkareshwar on the bank of the Narmada would be revived. He said that Narmada is a river which gives life.

Thirty percent of land of the state is getting irrigation facility from Narmada river. Credit for four-time Krishi Karman Award, the state received goes to farmers and the Narmada. Plan is being chalked out to revive Gambhir, Parvati and Kalisindh rivers connecting them with the river Narmada. Chouhan said that drying of rivers is an indication of serious crisis. Narmada gives holy water but excessive exploitation was done because of greedy nature human.

He said that trees giving life to the river were felled and because of this, the stream in the river has shrunk. He said that this is time for seeking apology and express regret. Sewage is going in the river in cities located near the Narmada. A plan will be implemented for treatment of water by setting up plants and spending Rs 1500 crore on them. Recycled water will be given for farming. It is duty of every citizen to make Narmada pollution-free.

The Chief Minister said that farmers residing on the banks of river will be given facility for planting fruit-bearing trees. Fruit routes will be developed for this. Chouhan administered resolution for maintaining cleanliness on banks of Narmada, use organic fertilisers, curb pollution due to dumping of pujan material and stop tradition of dispose of dead bodies in the river. Administering further resolution for imparting education to children, he said that the government will bear the expenditure of study of talented students in case of admission in national educational institutes.

Chouhan said that the biggest campaign for river and environment protection is underway on the bank of Narmada river. He appealed devotees of Narmada and common people that they should participate in Narmada Seva Yatra and contribute for making the river cleaned. He administered resolution for participating in maintaining Narmada river cleaned. Chouhan thanked 150 Yatris who were with the Yatra since its beginning. Spiritual saint Rawatpura Sarkar described Narmada Seva Yatra as welfare effort.

He blessed the Chief Minister that he would continue to serve for humanity. Legislative Assembly Speaker Dr Seetasaran Sharma said that the history is repeating itself through Narmada Seva Yatra. Centuries before, Bhagirath has done penance for bringing Ganga for public welfare. In the modern time, Chief Minister Chouhan is working with resolution to purify mother Narmada for public welfare. Archbishop Leo Cornelio said that he respect all the recognized cultural traditions as an Indian citizen.

He further mentioned that this unique initiative of Chief Minister will bring changes in the attitude of the people. This is not possible by law. He said that these efforts will purify the Narmada banks. Moreover this effort to conserve river and environment is a work of human welfare. This gives life. He said that students should be educated to save environment. Giving example from Bible, he said clean water of rivers brings good health.


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