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China Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010

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Wine Grape china Industry report

China Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010-2011

1. Find Industry reports, Company profilesReportLinker and Market Statistics >> Get this Report Now by email!China Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010-2011Published on June 2011 Report SummaryBenefiting from the rapid progress of the consumption market, the output of grape wine in China has been on the rise year by year. Ittotaled 1.089 million kiloliters in 2010, up 13.4%YoY. On a provincial basis, Shandong enjoyed the lions share of 34.4% by 0.375million kiloliters.The huge potentiality of Chinese grape wine market has attracted foreign brands, with the proportion of imported grape wines risingfrom 15.1% in 2009 to 20.6% in 2010. The import origins mainly consist of such famous production areas as France and Australia.Bottled wines are mostly from France and Australia, occupying respectively 46.3% and 16.2% of the total import volume of bottledwines; bulk ones mainly from Chile, Spain, and Australia, with the respective proportion of 32.9%, 27.5%, and 23.8% of the totalimport volume of barreled wines.Chinas high-end grape wine market features robust demand, so the overseas high-end grape wine brands have successively tappedinto Chinese market by means of joint venture, cooperation, agents, etc. Yet the pioneer foreign brands like Custer have transferredto self-management model from the complete reliance on Chinese agents.Exposed to the impact from overseas grape wine brands, the local magnates including Changyu, Greatwall, and Dynasty havelearned from the foreign chateaus and increased the input in high-end grape wines so as to maintain the leading positions within theindustry.Changyu takes the lead in cooperation with overseas brands for chateau construction. The company has raised its overall grossmargin via the proportion increase of such high-grade products as Century-old Cellar and Chateau Wine. In Q1 2011, Changyuacquired the gross margin of 74.01%, up 4 percentage points year on year; and the top-grade series contributed 25%-28% to itsrevenue. Along with the operation of three big chateaus (Xinjiang, Ningxia, and Xian) in west region, the high-grade grape winecapacity of Changyu will break through 10 kilotons in 2012.Greatwall, the grape wine enterprise under COFCO, boasts powerful capitals. In 2011, it started building grape wine production areain Ningxia after Shacheng, Yantai, and Changli; meanwhile, it has practiced the M&A of overseas famous chateaus in order to openthe international market. It acquired Bisquertt Vineyard in 2010.Fueled by the rising industry, some medium-sized wine enterprises have also vigorously developed wine business. In 2010, CITICGuoan Wine divested itself of the capital loss and focused on the main business of wines. In Q1 2011, its revenue substantiallyclimbed 73.57%. China Tontine Wines Group plans to complete the chateau in 2011 and officially launch the chateau wine in H12012. Tonhwa Winery has projected the assets reorganization with the parent company of Yunnan Red and will implement thetrans-regional collaboration for complementary advantages in grape wine sector. Table of ContentTable of ContentsChina Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010-2011 (From Slideshare) Page 1/6

2. Find Industry reports, Company profilesReportLinker and Market Statistics1 Definition and Classification of Grape Wine2 Overview of China Grape Wine Industry2.1 Operation2.1.1 Output in Rapid Growth2.1.2 Stable Rise of Industrial Profit2.2 Export & Import2.2.1 Import Volume on the Rise2.2.2 Export Volume on the Decline2.3 Consumption Characteristics2.3.1 Consumption Upgrading2.3.2 Consumption Area Expansion to Second & Third-tier Markets2.4 Brand Structure and Marketing Channel2.5 Chateau Distribution of Foreign Capital3 Competition Pattern4 Regional Market4.1 Main Producing Area and Distribution4.2 Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang4.3 Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong4.4 Hebei, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia4.5 Henan and Hunan4.6 Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang4.7 Southwest Region5 Key Companies5.1 Yantai Changyu5.1.1 Profile5.1.2 Operation5.1.3 Development Strategy5.2 COFCO Greatwall Wine5.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Operation5.2.3 Global Extension of Industry Chain5.3 COFCO Yantai Wine5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Operation5.3.3 Development Strategy5.4 COFCO Huaxia Wine5.4.1 Profile5.4.2 Operation5.5 Sino French Joint Venture Dynasty5.5.1 Profile5.5.2 Operation5.5.3 Marketing Channel Improvement5.6 Tonhwa Winery5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Operation5.6.3 Development StrategyChina Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010-2011 (From Slideshare) Page 2/6

3. Find Industry reports, Company profilesReportLinker and Market Statistics5.7 CITIC Guoan Wine5.7.1 Profile5.7.2 Operation5.7.3 Development Strategy5.8 China Tontine Wines Group5.8.1 Profile5.8.2 Operation5.8.3 Development Strategy5.9 Yunnan Red5.9.1 Profile5.9.2 Operation5.9.3 Reorganization5.10 Yantai Weilong5.10.1 Profile5.10.2 Operation5.11 Beijing Fengshou Wine5.11.1 Profile5.11.2 Operation5.12 Mogao5.12.1 Profile5.12.2 Operation5.12.3 Development Strategy5.13 Yantai Baiyanghe Winery5.13.1 Profile5.13.2 Operation5.14 Beijing Dragon Seal Winery5.14.1 Profile5.14.2 Operation5.15 Zixuan Wine5.15.1 Profile5.15.2 Operation6 ForecastSelected ChartsClassification of Grape WineGrape Wine Output and YoY Growth in China, 2007-Apr. 2011Grape Wine Output of China by Region, 2010Operating Indices of China Grape Wine Industry, 1998-2010Operating Income and Total Profit of China Grape Wine Manufacturing Industry, 2007-2011Q1Import Volume and Value of Grape Wine (2L vessel) in China, 2008-Apr. 2011Import Volume and Value of Grape Wine (>2L vessel) in China, 2008-Apr. 2011Import Origins of Grape Wine (2L vessel) in China by Import Volume, 2010Import Origins of Grape Wine (>2L vessel) in China by Import Volume, 2010Export Volume and Value of Grape Wine (2L vessel) in China, 2008-Apr. 2011Export Volume and Value of Grape Wine (>2L vessel) in China, 2008-Apr. 2011Grape Wine Consumption in China, 2008-Apr. 2011Marketing Channel Comparison among Changyu, Greatwall and DynastyFrom Agent to Self-management of CusterChina Grape Wine Industry Report, 2010-2011 (From Slideshare) Page 3/6

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