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Smell the wine and improve your memory!

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Research conducted in Las Vegas concludes that the sommeliers and wine tasters have some areas of the brain more developed than other people. The study suggests that these areas are directly related to memory, thus reducing the vulnerability of these people to diseases like Alzheimer's.

The key to this discovery lies in smell and scent. Because of their profession, these wine experts have a greater developed sense of smell. The work over the years affects the acute development of this sense as well as certain areas of the brain that other people do not usually exercise. Thus, the study concludes that to exercise the sense of smell promotes the development of brain memory and preventing Alzheimer's.

This research conducted by Dr. Sarah Banks, a neuropsychologist at the Mental Health Center of Cleveland, tried to answer the mystery of why experts wine tasters can perceive aromas and flavors that other people cannot. The study was to conduct scans of brain activity of 13 non-experts and 13 sommeliers when exposed to various flavors of wine and fruit. While the study found that wine experts are able to detect odors and sensations indistinguishable to the others, the greatest discovery was locating the parts of the brain exercised by the professional sommeliers. Areas between which it is precisely those susceptible to memory diseases.

"This is good news for sommeliers; as they may have some degree of protection against Alzheimer's, "said Dr. Banks in a recent interview with US network CBS. Although it is only a guess for now, the neuropsychologist says that in this way the wine could guide her towards a breakthrough on the development of memory; as well as prevention and treatment of diseases that affect it.

So it is definitely worth taking the time to smell every glass of wine before drinking it, both to enjoy a pleasant sensory experience and to improve our memory.

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