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Red Wine Benefits: 3 Reasons to Drink Red Wine

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Red wine is not only a favorite drink because it’s easy to enjoy (just pop (or twist) and pour) it also has great health benefits, which have been noted for years. It seems like a month doesn’t go by with new supporting evidence of red wine’s health benefits, and we’re always happy to oblige. If we’re drinking to our health, what are the 3 reasons to drink red wine? Well, we’ve got that right here, so grab a glass, pour some, and toast to your health.

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Even though it is tricky to pronounce (and type), resveratrol is incredibly beneficial to your health. This is a wonder compound helping prevent heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes—that’s four reasons preventative reasons alone to drink wine. One of the highest fruits containing this stilbenoid is none other than red grape skins-talk about health benefits! Oh and did we mention the anti-aging affects too? And it’s beneficial to sip while skipping out on the gym? The list can go on! It is well documented that one of the best health benefits of red wine intake can help a barrel full of heart issues including the prevention of heart disease and strokes, but your overall general lifespan can be increased with moderate consumption. How do antioxidants work? Simply put, they “.”

A glass a day may just keep the doctor away.

This article was originally published on November 21, 2014.


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