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"Wine and chocolate, what could go wrong"

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"Wine and chocolate, what could go wrong"


Last updated 14:02, November 16 2016

Seriously Good Chocolate owner Jane Stanton makes her specialty pinot noir chocolate.

Joanna Griffiths/Fairfax NZ

Seriously Good Chocolate owner Jane Stanton makes her specialty pinot noir chocolate.

Jane Stanton has an interesting relationship with chocolate; she is a diabetic who owns and runs a chocolate shop. 

"It is one of life's odd jokes."

Having lived with type-1 diabetes all her life she says starting the Seriously Good Chocolate company has actually helped her health. 

"I have to look after myself and stay well to run the company and look after my staff."

Working with chocolate every day actually makes snacking on it less tempting, she said. 

"When I trial and make things, I try it but otherwise I don't really eat it."

The company had come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2000, she said. 

What was once a small stall and cafe was now being exported overseas and are sold in most New Zealand duty-free shops.

"It's pretty amazing considering that everything we make is made in our small Southland factory on Spey St with just 10 staff.

"We make about 4000 chocolates each day, we even make the chutneys here on weekend nights."

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Their hard work was rewarded when the company placed second with their pinot noir range at the Artisan Food Producer Award in association with Supermarket News in October.

The famed chocolate came about because Stanton wanted to offer something uniquely different that also showed off produce from southern New Zealand. 

"Wine and chocolate, what could go wrong?"

The secret to the chocolates' success was their richness in flavour which was achieved by using freeze-dried pinot noir grapes fom Gibbston Valley, she said.

But good things took time, she said. 

"We started on the recipe in 2002 and we still make improvements when we can."

New and special ranges would be released from Seriously Good Chocolate for Christmas. 

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