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How to Drink Wine for Health: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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Three Parts:

You might have heard that having the occasional glass of red wine may help improve your heart and overall health. In fact, some studies have shown significant and promising effects in regards to heart health. The antioxidants in red wine (both flavonoids and resveratrol) have been proven to raise HDL (the "good cholesterol"), reduce the formation of blood clots, reduce LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) and decrease blood pressure. Although there are benefits to the occasional glass of red wine, health professionals don't all agree on whether or not these benefits are worth drinking alcohol more regularly in or larger quantities. To incorporate wine into your diet, only drink occasionally and in moderation. This will help provide the health benefits of red wine, but not cause any adverse side effects.


Part 1

Incorporating Wine into Your Diet

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Keep track of when you're planning on drinking. Since there is a fine line between a "good" amount of wine and "too much," it's important to track when and how much you're drinking.

Most health professionals note there are some health benefits to wine consumption. However, if you drink too much, the negative side effects outweigh any positive results.

Keep track of how much you're drinking and how often. Consider making a note in a food journal or tracking in an app on your smart phone.

For example, if you're considering having a glass of wine with dinner, but know you're going out for happy hour at work the next day, you may want to skip your wine and save it for happy hour instead.

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Measure your portions. Although there are plenty of studies that support the occasional consumption of wine, it needs to be in moderation. Those same studies note that larger quantities of wine have negative effects.

Measure your portions of whatever type of alcohol you drink - even red wine. It's essential that you stick to the smaller, appropriate portion sizes to reap the health benefits (without negative consequences).

When you have a glass of red wine, measure out 5 oz per serving. Use a liquid measuring cup that lists fluid ounces to measure accurately.

If you want to have more than one glass, consider pouring yourself only a 3 oz serving initially and another 3 oz serving so you're not over doing it.

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Drink 1-2 glasses of wine occasionally. In addition to measuring the appropriate portion size, you also need to moderate how many glasses of wine you drink at one sitting.

Health professionals recommend that you stick to a certain amount of total alcohol daily to prevent any negative side effects from consumption.

Women should have a maximum of 1 glass daily and men shouldn't consume more than 2 glasses daily. 1 glass should be measured at 5 oz total.

You do not experience any additional health benefits by drinking more than 1-2 glasses of red wine per sitting.

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Cook with wine. If you're not a fan of drinking wine or don't want to increase your intake consider cooking with wine. You'll be able to have the flavor of the wine, the nutritious compounds, but not alcohol.

Red wine is a great ingredient to cook with. It can really boost the flavor of many foods. It's a great alternative to drinking wine on a more regular basis.

When you cook with red wine, you generally allow the wine to simmer a bit. This causes the alcohol content of the wine to burn off, but leaves all the flavor and antioxidant content of the wine.

Try using red wine in a gravy or sauce to serve over a steak or pork chop. Also use red wine to deglaze the pot when making a stew or a soup to boost the flavor.

Part 2

Drinking the Most Nutritious Wines

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Choose red wine over white. When you're trying to drink wine to promote better health, choose the type of wine that has the most benefits. Not every type of wine provides the same benefits.

When you compare red and white wine, they are very similar on some fronts - like total calories or carbohydrates.

However, when you compare the amount of the antioxidants and reservatrol, red wine out shines white wine considerably. Although white wine does taste great, stick to red for your best bet.

Red wine has 7 mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin, 8.4 mg of choline, and significantly higher levels of reservatrol.

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