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How to Make Homemade Wine: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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Keep all utensils clean and sterile. Bacteria turns wine into vinegar. However, if your wine does turn to vinegar, don't throw it away. It makes a great marinade for meat and poultry. For example, use it to marinate chicken with fresh herbs and spices.

Siphoning the good liquids off the solids is a must. This is called racking and should be done at least two or three times before bottling.

Give your wine a touch of wooden aged flavor. In the second fermentation, add a four inch piece of oak dowel in the glass jug; a 1⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) dowel is best. (To keep wine to the highest level in the neck of your fermenter, add sterilized marbles to take up extra space.) Allow the wood to work its miracle in the glass bottle. Siphon the finished, clear wine, into sterilized bottles and cork.

Store corked bottles on their sides with the neck elevated just enough to allow the wine is rest on the cork.

If your fresh fruit is too acidic and the fermentation seems sluggish, you might have a "Must" that is too acidic. Add a stick of chalk,(Yes, like you write with on a chalkboard.) to the must. It can work miracles.

Keep the after fruit from when you filter the wine. This is called a starter, it can boost your next batch and you will need less ingredients. This process gets stronger each time you do it.


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