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Health Benefits of White Wine – Catching up with Reds!

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Wine with Health White Benefits

Health Benefits of White Wine – Catching up with Reds!

By Jerry | February 17, 2015


white wine health benefits

There has been a long standing and common belief that drinking red wine was better for your health than drinking whites. This is simply because red wines contain more of the substance resveratrol (the grape-skin antioxidant that most scientists believe gives red wine its anti ageing and heart-healthy properties) than white wines.

But there is very good news for white wine drinkers including you, Chardonnay fans. Whilst white wines contain many of the substances that red wine has, white wines have some some additional ingredients that have very positive effects on human health. Hereunder I will explain more to you about the health benefits of white wine.

In fact white-wine is as healthy as red wine!

Scientists now believe that this alcoholic elixir is just as

health and wine

healthy as its red counterpart. Leading researchers in the white wine’s health aspects recently discovered that the drink has similar cardio protective effects as red vintages, helping prevent heart attacks and other major health problems associated with the heart, kidneys, and blood vessels.

You should also be ware that as white wine already had many of the same positive health benefits as red wine does, it was never far behind.  It, too, contains flavonoids that have antioxidant properties, which can help prevent cancer.  In fact, according to a study from the University of Barcelona, white wines may even have a higher antioxidant capacity than red wines. 

Here is a summary of the currently known health benefits of white wine.


Alcohol that is in white wine would have a disinfecting effect. Some cultures use white wine to sterilize wounds. Resveratrol helps reduce inflammation, prevents the oxidation of LDL “bad” cholesterol, and makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together and form the clots that can lead to a heart attack.

white wine health benefits

Weight loss

White wine could be beneficial towards achieving weight loss, according to a 2004 study from the University of Hohenheim (Germany).  The study found that patients interested in losing weight and on a calorie-restricted diet may benefit from drinking white wine.  A diet with 10 percent of energy derived from white wine was found to be as effective in assisting weight loss as a diet with 10 percent of energy derived from juices–plus the additional benefits from consuming wine.

Cardiovascular (matters of the heart or blood vessels)

White wine’s cardio-boosting qualities don’t stem from the same compounds that have made red wine the number

white wine health benefits

one cocktail among doctors and nutritionists. Because red wine is extracted from both the pulp and skin of crushed grapes and white wine is made only from the pulp, white wine contains less resveratrol. Instead of that, white wine has two strong antioxidants of its own, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, also found in olive oil, that aren’t present in red wine. Scientists think these antioxidants are what makes white wines so good for the heart.

Slowing the ageing process

Believe it or not, but it is now scientifically proven that white wine slows ageing! While researching white wine’s cardiovascular benefits, scientists discovered the drink activates the gene Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), which helps slow the ageing process—previously, scientists believed that only wines with a higher content of resveratrol stimulated the gene.


White wine has also been shown to help prevent and regulate diabetes. Part of what makes wine healthy is the alcohol itself, says Arthur Klatsky, MD, a cardiologist and epidemiologist with Kaiser Permanent Medical Care Program in Oakland, California. “There are benefits to light-to-moderate drinking of any alcoholic beverage,” affirms Klatsky, who has studied the relationship between alcohol and human health since the 1960s. Light drinking seems to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

white wine benefits

Further benefits

Ongoing research looks promising that the drink may boost the immune system, increase blood flow in patients with renal (kidney) problems, and act as an antiviral agent.

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